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kitchen table set up overlooking open floorplan of living room

Designing a room in your house is a challenge enough, but translating that style throughout your entire home can be intimidating. Creating cohesion in your home design isn’t as tricky as it may seem. These easy steps will help keep you on track to finding cohesion.

Work towards building a mood, not a design style

Not every element of your home has to fit within a specified design style such as mid-century modern or rustic. Incorporating pieces with differing styles that evoke a consistent mood gives your space character.

Carry themes throughout rooms

One of the best ways to achieve cohesion throughout your home is to pick a central design theme that you can build on in every room.

Stick with what you love

If you fill your home with pieces and elements that you truly love, then that will be reflected in a sense of design unity.

Don’t incorporate too many matching pieces

Some people believe that choosing a matching furniture set is an easy way to create a cohesive space, but actually, mixing different types of pieces together creates a more visually interesting aesthetic.

Edit yourself regularly

From time to time, take inventory of everything you have accumulated and visually inspect each element to ensure nothing is obviously interrupting the flow of your style.

Stay within an overall color personality for the house

You can absolutely select different colors of paint for the different rooms in your house and still have it feel like everything goes together. Work from a central color personality and choose from there.

Mix elements of the old and the new

Mixing antique pieces with new elements throughout the home helps you create a playful style that still feels sophisticated.

Design for yourself

Cohesion means different things to different people, so design your home for yourself instead of adhering to trends that you read about in design magazines. Your perfect cohesive design scheme starts with the perfect custom home. Contact Ridgeline Construction Group today to learn how we can help you turn your dream home into a reality.