The Ridgeline Difference

Building the Home of Your Dreams

We love building homes, and we strive to make each one better than the last. The passion that drives us inspires us to dig deeper and think long term. We obsess over the little things. Attention to detail is our hallmark. We count the tiles in the shower to figure out exactly where to install the shower head.

We believe a good home isn’t just skin deep. Our homes don’t just look elegant and luxurious – they have good bones. We build to last. Which is why we involve a structural engineer in every one of our builds.

What Sets Us Apart?

There are four things that set us apart from other builders:

#1 is our team approach. Our entire team is involved with every project from beginning to end, planning, checking and rechecking our work. These checks and balances allow us to maintain a very high level of quality.

#2 is planning. Before we ever hammer a single nail, we plan, plan, and plan some more. This allows our clients to know exactly what they are getting, and it allows us to guarantee the budget.

#3 is that we are a design/build firm. We can take you all the way from the first site meeting to move-in with a single point of contact. No need to shop around for architects and interior designers – we partner with some of the best.

#4 is that we are always asking ourselves one question: “What if this was our home?” Sometimes this is bad for business, but we sleep very well at night knowing that we’ve done the right thing by our clients.

Passion. Teamwork. Expertise. And an exacting thirst for perfection. That’s the Ridgeline difference.