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How to Create the Best Guest Suite Oasis in Your Home

By Home Decor Tips

Taking the extra steps to customize your guest suite will show your loved ones that they are welcome and wanted in your home. After traveling from near and far, your visitors will appreciate their home away from home. Incorporate these guest room essentials to turn your space into a comfortable and safe oasis for your family and friends.

Cozy Bedding

Make It Cozy

Comfortable bedding is an important step in making guests feel secure in your home. Invest in high-quality, soft linens and provide guests with multiple pillow and blanket options to ensure that everyone can find the level of comfort that they deserve. 

Be sure to have extra linens on hand in case your guests need to change them during their stay for any reason. Gather comforting guest room decor like fresh flowers or a full-length mirror to make the room feel more like home. 

You might also provide options for additional warmth in colder months or a fan to keep guests cool on hotter evenings. Robes are a great way to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable inside their homes away from home. 

Empty Closet with Storage Space

Provide Ample Space

Giving your guests room to breathe and unpack their belongings is a key part of being a good host. Plan a designated space for your friends or family to place their suitcases and luggage upon arrival. This way, they have room to move about their temporary room without clutter. 

Additionally, make sure the closet and dressers are free of your own personal belongings. It can be tempting to use your guest room as an overflow storage area, but your guests will greatly appreciate having space to unpack and settle into your home. 

Consider including a small sitting area or desk for your visitors to spend quiet time working, reading or browsing online. Add curtains and window treatments to ensure that guests feel at home and secure to sleep after a potentially long day of traveling.

Toiletries in Bathroom Drawer

All The Extras

From alarm clocks to hair dryers, there are many small details that can make a person’s stay in your home feel special. Think of the basics that are often overlooked and stock the room with them in advance. 

Make sure to provide visitors with the wifi password upon arrival to ensure that they are never left without it. Stock the bedside tables with cell phone chargers or lotion, and create a basket of extra toiletries in case any essentials were forgotten at home. 

Consider setting up a small coffee or tea station to provide your friends or family with private access to refreshments that won’t require entering your unfamiliar kitchen. If your guests have pets, think of ways to accommodate them with items like pet food, leashes or water bowls.

Making your guests feel welcome and secure is an important aspect of being a host. Keep these accommodating tips in mind when creating your custom home featuring the perfect guest oasis. Contact Ridgeline Construction to build the guest bedroom space that will make visitors feel welcome no matter how far away they are from home. 

Benefits to Custom Built Homes

6 Benefits of Custom-Built Homes

By Custom Home Builders

Your new house is more than just a building– it’s your home. It’s where you’ll find a sense of belonging, experience important milestones, and make lasting memories with loved ones. However, it can be difficult to make a house a home without customization. 

It is important to build a home that suits your family’s needs and reflects your personal style. Custom home designs come with numerous functional and financial benefits. When the time comes to find your forever home, consider the advantages of building a custom home that is unique to you. 

Lot Choice and Privacy

Before designing your home, choose the perfect place to build it. Custom homes should consist of your dream house with your dream surroundings, so consider your lifestyle and family dynamic before purchasing a lot. 

Select an area with your dream view, whether it be waterfront, mountainside or surrounded by forestry. Your family may prefer an isolated space with no neighbors or a lively community with many residents that brings everyday interaction.  

If you choose to build your custom home in a community, choose one that best suits your lifestyle and social preferences. Before you purchase your lot, Ridgeline will conduct complementary site evaluations to ensure the land is buildable. 

Budget Flexibility

The common misconception that custom-built homes are more expensive than purchasing an existing one is not always true. When you build a custom home, you have the final say on costs and pricing based on your budget.  

All elements of your home including special features, materials, appliances and flooring have a variety of price points to choose from. When you work with a custom home builder, your budget is taken into consideration from the start of the design process until the day you move in. 

At Ridgeline, our team plans first and builds second. This way, our clients know exactly what they are getting before the building process begins. Once your budget is guaranteed and approved, we bring your dream home to life at your desired price point.

Personal Expression

Your custom home should be a direct reflection of your style, taste and personality. When you work with custom home builders and interior designers, you have the freedom to create the home of your dreams. Whether your style is contemporary, farmhouse-chic, colonial architecture or modern, express yourself in every detail. 

If you enjoy cooking, design a spacious kitchen with ample room for appliances and gathering space. If your family loves spending time outdoors, consider adding on a bedroom terrace or screened-in patio to enhance your views of nature. 

Building your custom home from the ground up comes with great sentimental value when you’re given the chance to express your family’s style and passions. Personalize your home with original artwork, bookshelves, personal photographs or even a unique color palette to bring the home of your dreams to life. 

Functional Floor Plans

One of the first steps in building a home is mapping out the perfect floor plan. When designing your custom home, you’re given the freedom to choose a layout that best suits your family’s wants and needs. 

It can be difficult to find a pre-existing floorplan that meets all of your family’s needs. When you work with Ridgeline, you can decide between a floor plan with many small rooms with different purposes or a more spacious, open floor plan. 

This allows you to maximize every inch of space in your home, and there are many benefits to each layout depending on your lifestyle. You’re also able to customize different areas of your home to match their purpose, like planning children’s rooms closer together or placing the master bedroom at a separate end of the home. 

Ridgeline Construction Group’s in-house architects are available to provide direction every step of the way to help you determine the right layout for your home. Our builders will walk you through all floor plans to ensure that they include all your desired features. 

Energy Efficiency

When you design a custom home, you have the freedom to add environmentally friendly and energy-efficient features. Ridgeline’s team of designers will work with you in the beginning stages to find ways to cut future energy costs. 

You can choose to incorporate solar panels or gas heating into your initial design plans. Solar panels not only reduce electricity bills, but they also increase the value of your home. 

Natural gas heating is an environmentally friendly alternative to electric heating that will conserve energy. With a more cost-efficient heating and electricity system, you can cut down on energy costs significantly. 

Quality for Years

When you buy a pre-existing home or a semi-custom home, you don’t have much control over the quality of materials used. Ridgeline custom homes are built with high-quality materials that require far less long-term maintenance and upkeep. 

Other home builders often use run-of-the-mill materials that will ultimately require repairs or replacements down the road. At Ridgeline, we partner with the best to ensure that all custom homes are built with the highest quality products, materials and brands. 

Our seamless construction process and extensive planning measures result in quality homes built to last for generations. Our construction and design teams are involved with every project from beginning to end, planning, checking and re-checking our work to ensure that your dream home meets your every need,  

The benefits of building a custom home are endless, and when it comes to creating a home that stands the test of time, it is important to work with a trusted custom home builder. At Ridgeline Construction Group, we’ve earned our reputation by striving for perfection in every detail of the homes we build. Contact us today to make your dream home a reality.