Construction Services

Building the Custom Home of Your Dreams

For Ridgeline, construction begins only after all plans are completely finalized. That way, we can guarantee the budget and minimize changes to the plan during the process. We take the risk out of building the home of your dreams!

Now it’s time to sit back and relax while we go to work. We understand that our clients are busy people and often work remotely. We won’t waste your time, but we will keep you updated with weekly photos, a schedule, and budget updates. We believe in transparency. When problems come up, we’ll let you know about them. And we will deal with them.

Once construction is completed and we are satisfied that it meets our exacting standards, we schedule a final walk-through with you. If you notice any issues during the walk-through, we take care of them right away. We proudly back our homes up with a warranty program that is second-to-none.