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Obtain a Topography Map Before You Build Your Custom SC Home

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Understanding the importance of a topographical survey and map of the land you are purchasing can have is key before building your custom home. These surveys are crucial to building plans and if not closely analyzed, can throw a major wrench in your design plans. Before building, learn why they are such a crucial part of the building process and discover how you can obtain a map for your property.

What is Topography?

Topography is the study of geographical forms and features on a landscape. This area of study can be translated into topographical maps, which are visual representations of these geographical forms and features. 

You can think of them as a three-dimensional representation of the land you are looking at on a two-dimensional map. Topographical maps use contoured lines to mark points of equal elevation. They typically include a mix of colors and shading to depict changes in elevation and in the shape of the terrain being shown. 

Build on Solid Ground With Topographical Maps

Many prospective and first-time home builders may not know about the importance of consulting a topographical map before beginning their project. They can be incredibly helpful for a number of reasons. It will help make sure the land you plan to build on is appropriate considering the design of your custom home. 

They can also allow you to determine what extra work may need to be done to facilitate safe construction, give you a picture of what the land currently looks like, and can provide ideas on how to best use the natural features (such as trees, hills and slopes) to your advantage. Many buyers assume they should always choose the flattest land possible, but slopes can often be worked into your design plans in creative and functional ways.

Request a Topographical Map of Your Future Property

Now that you have more of an understanding as to why topographical maps are important for anyone building a custom home, it is time to look into how to obtain one. Topographical maps are usually found on the plat map for a property and are typically given to a buyer when that person purchases a vacant plot of land. 

Additionally, you should be able to get a copy from the local county recorder. After studying your map, it is equally as important to get a professional out on the property to conduct a site evaluation.  

Building a custom home from the ground up is one of the most important investments you will ever make. A topographical survey is one of the first steps to ensure you get the highest quality and most longevity out of that investment. Partner with a construction firm you can trust that specializes as a luxury custom home builder in the Greenville, South Carolina area. 

At Ridgeline Construction Group, we offer a complimentary site evaluation when you are ready to start creating your dream home. Reach out to our team of professionals to start turning your vision into a reality.